Effective planning – no to stress, yes to success!

Want to have a better overview of your study plan or work activities? Want to learn to plan better? Want to dare to say ‘no’ more? In the ‘Effective planning’ workshop, you will learn how to plan your studies and work in a practical way, so it will become much easier to pass your exams and achieve your work goals. You will get tips and advice on how to stick to this plan and how to achieve your results. It will leave you with a greater sense of calm in your studies, your work and your head, and with more room for fun!

In this training course, you will:

  • plan your studies and/or work using a specific planning methodology;
  • find out which tools apply to you and can help you study and work more effectively;
  • learn to say ‘no’, make choices, delegate work, ask for help;
  • practise applying the right behaviour to work more effectively.

Prior to the training course you will need to complete two homework tasks: identify the things which disrupt your time, and set performance objectives for your studies or discuss them with your employer.

At the end of this training, you will have:

  • set performance objectives for your studies or work, designed using the new planning methodology;
  • all the necessary tools for planning your performance targets;
  • read many tips on how to work more effectively.

The training lasts one day, from 9am until 4.30pm. You will get homework tasks beforehand, and a trainer will conduct a telephone intake interview with you.
This workshop is for a maximum of 10 participants. So don’t wait too long! E-mail nan@studijob.nl.