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Personal branding training – Engelstalig

  • 08 april 2021
  • 09:30 - 12:00
  • Online via ZOOM

Personal Branding training – in English

What are your skills? Use your personality, knowledge and experience to distinguish yourself from others. That is how you present yourself! 

About the training

Who are you?’  Never be tongue-tied again but have a catchy and convincing story to tell. That is what you learn in our online training Personal Branding. All that in just one morningYour good qualities and weak points, your competences and skills. Focus in this training on learning what your skills are. Learn to use your unique personality, knowledge and experience to distinguish yourself from others. Present yourself in real-life, online and in a letter of application. So, the big question is, who are you?  

By the way… did you know that the training is free of cost since you’re working as a StudiJob tempSo come on, sign up!  

This is what you learn: competences and skills

Do you know what your competences are? Do you know what you are good at? In this training you will discover what you can do, what knowledge you have to offer and how to present yourself. You will get these insights by practicing during the training and by getting feedbackThis will ensure that you can be clear about your skills and competences. 


Tell me a little bit about yourself?’, this is the most asked question in a job interview. Do you know the answer? Do you know what to tellIn this training you will get a clear and positive image of your professional profile and your personal pitch. Use it as a summary on LinkedIn, add it to your cv and use it while networking or in a job interview.  


In a creative and active session of 2,5 hours we will create your professional and personal story. After you sign up you will get some homework to prepare, and we will get back to that in an elaborate way in the training. Within two weeks after the training, you will have a personal meeting with the trainer (via ZOOM). Within this meeting you will practice your pitch and make the finishing touches. You will then have a personalized, 40 minutes, feedback session. How great is that! In the end you will have a solid, convincing, honest, personal and professional profile and you will be able present yourself perfectlyIt’s your turn! 


The training is online through ZOOM. Easy peasy! 

Does this sound appealing? Then don't wait any longer and sign up!

Would you like to present the best version of yourself? On LinkedIn, your cv and in a job interview? Join this Personal Branding training and know how to answer the question: ‘Who am I?’ Sign up!


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