StudiStartupJob is an initiative by StartupAmsterdam, IXAnext and StudiJob Uitzendbureau. We are the preferred supplier of StartupAmsterdam and IXAnext when it comes to matching students with startups & scale-ups.

StudiJob has been matching intelligent and skilled students for over 18 years. We originate from the University of Amsterdam, which is why even nowadays, we are in close contact with talented students. Part of our profit is used for research and education within knowledge institutes in the city of Amsterdam, and at Amsterdam’s Science Park.
We are a partner of Starters4Communities and ACE Venture Lab and we invest in society by sharing our knowledge and expertise, for example by giving free workshops to students.


We started StudiStartupJob to contribute to a successful startup climate in Amsterdam by matching students with startups and scaleups.
New organisations are important for the economy, innovativeness, employment, and business activity within a city, and with our part time employees, those organisations can expand their business.
For a student, part time work at startups and scale-ups is an important and valuable experience. StudiStartupJob enables students to do relevant, paid, knowledge intensive work as an extension of their study, rather than working at bars and restaurants.
Students build up relevant experience, meet inspiring entrepreneurs, and create a network. All this will prepare them and increase their chances in the academic field. StudiStartupJob motivates talented students to look at the startup industry. Maybe one of our talents comes up with the next big disruptive startup?

Students get relevant experience and you, the entrepreneur, can focus on your core business. That is how we create a match that benefits all.

Students with many different qualities

Thanks to our broad network we have a large talent pool with many kinds of expertise that can be of use for startups and scaleups. We work with Marketing, Finance, IT, Law, HR, and many other students. Feel free to give us a call to see if we know a student that might meet your specific requests.

Flexibility and pace

We deliver and do it fast. There is an average of 7 days between your request and us filling the vacancy. Yes. That is only one week. Our flexible talents can work for anywhere between 3 hours and 5,5 years (this is only 2 years when a company employs a person directly).

Knowledge sharing sessions

Startups and scaleups are more than welcome at our knowledge sharing sessions that we organise every 3 months. These events bring together a diverse group of people to share their knowledge on specific topics and provide an opportunity to pitch to professionals and students.

Why do I pay more than the student receives?

The majority of our rates consists of the student’s gross hourly wage, waiting day compensation, holiday pay, employer insurances, social insurances, and all other employer costs. From the amount left, we finance our own operations.

Wat is jouw investering voor het inhuren van een student?

StudiStartupJob wil bijdragen aan een aantrekkelijk en succesvol startup klimaat binnen de stad Amsterdam, en startups en scaleups zijn belangrijk voor de economie, innovatie, werkgelegenheid en bedrijvigheid. Daarom krijgen deze organisaties bij StudiStartupJob korting.

Dankzij ons partnerschap met StartupAmsterdam en IXAnext kunnen wij startups een korting van 25 % aanbieden op de reguliere uitzendtarieven. Scaleups krijgen een korting van 13% op de reguliere tarieven.

Het uurtarief hangt uiteraard af van de hoogte van het bruto uurloon voor de student. Gemiddeld betaalt een startup €25,- ex btw per uur. Een scaleup betaalt gemiddeld €29,- ex btw per uur.

StudiStartupJob is opgezet om beginnende bedrijven te helpen hun business op te schalen door het inzetten van betaalbare studenten. Wij hanteren de volgende criteria voor een startup die in aanmerking wil komen voor de korting van €25%:

  • De startup heeft minder dan €100.000 pre of mid seed investering binnen gehaald;
  • De startup is jonger dan 3 jaar;
  • De startup heeft minder dan 10 FTE in dienst;
  • Nadat een student 520 uur voor de startup gewerkt heeft gaat de startup voor die student over naar het scaleup tarief.

We take care of anything HR

Recruiting, searching, hiring, managing HR tasks, we do all of that. Our professionals at StudiJob have experience in these kind of HR tasks and make sure you do not have to worry about any of this.

Low effort, Low risk

StudiJob remains to be the formal employer of the student. That means when the student is sick and can’t work, it won’t cost you anything.


With over 18 years of experience we are a trustworthy partner for employers. Working with us means unburdening, comfort, flexibility, and professional HR advise.

What is your investment?

StudiStartupJob aims to contribute to a successful startup climate in Amsterdam. That is why startups receive a discount on our regular rate.
Thanks to our partnership with StartupAmsterdam and IXAnext, we can offer startups a 25% discount. For Scaleups this is a 13% discount.

The exact rate differs per student because it depends on the wages they get, but the average hourly rate for a startup is €25,- an hour, ex VAT. For a scaleup this is €29,- an hour, ex VAT.


Let us know. We are more than happy to discuss whether StudiStartupJob fits your needs.