Holiday reserves

How do these holiday reserves actually work?
As a Phase A temporary employee, you accumulate holiday reserves that can be used for annual leave, public holidays and short periods of absence. You also build up holiday pay (8%) based on the gross pay resulting from the hours you have worked. In Phases B and C, you do not accumulate reserves for short periods of absence or public holidays. You actually have the right to continued salary payments (which is subject to specific rules). You can find the reserves you have accumulated per type of holiday leave on your most recent pay slip. To work out how many hours you can use per type of leave, divide the cumulative amount stated under the relevant type of leave by your gross hourly wage (if you are in Phase A). If you are in Phase B or C, annual leave is indicated in hours.

How can I use my cumulated holiday reserves?

Annual leave
For annual leave, you build up 10.39% of your gross hourly wage. You can use these reserves if you go on vacation or, for example, for days when the business is closed. According to the collective agreement for temporary workers, you can request 4 or 8 hours per day. If you want to use (part of) your annual leave, you can do so by sending an email to

In this email, you should clearly state:

  • How many hours you want to take up (if you want to know how many hours you have built up, click here to see where you can find this information on your latest pay slip)
  • The type of leave you wish to use them for
  • he days on which you want to use them (can also be dates in the past)

Generally recognised public holidays: Phase A
The generally recognised public holidays are New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday and Monday, King’s Day, Ascension Day, Whit Sunday and Whit Monday, and Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Liberation Day is also regarded as a general public holiday every 5 years. You can use public holiday reserves for generally recognised public holidays. For this type of leave, you build up 2.60% of your gross hourly wage. The process for requesting to use these public holiday reserves is the same as for annual leave.

Generally recognised public holidays: Phases B + C
If you are in Phase B or C, you are entitled to continued payment of salary on generally recognised public holidays if you would usually have worked on that day. You can request this in the usual way. On days that you cannot work due to the business being closed, you have the option of using annual leave to supplement your income.

Holiday pay
As mentioned above, you accumulate holiday pay (8%) based on your gross hourly wage. This payment is made once a year in the week of 1 June. As a temporary employee, you may also use your holiday pay in the interim, provided you go on vacation for five consecutive days (so you do not work during this period). You can request holiday pay as mentioned above.

Short-term absenteeism and special leave (only Phase A)
Short-term absenteeism and special leave include a dentist appointment, a death or a marriage, or voting in an election, for example. You build up 0.60% of your gross hourly wage for this type of leave. In such cases, get in touch with your contact person at StudiJob in advance via email or phone.
If you are in Phase B or C, other rules apply for special leave and short-term absence. Please contact your consultant in advance if you want to use this type of leave.

You can use your accumulated reserves at your own discretion and in accordance with the rules stipulated in the collective agreement. You do not require a client’s signature for this. All outstanding reserves will be paid out to you once you have stopped working for us. As far as tax is concerned, it may be more advantageous to actually use the reserves for annual leave, as that is what they are intended for. If you stop working for StudiJob and are no longer available for work, all reserves will be paid out to you. These reserves are taxable at a special rate, which can be much higher than the rate at which your salary is taxed. Check your pay slip to see what your special rate is. After you have stopped working for us, send an email to to let us know that we can pay out the remaining reserves.

If you have any questions about the reserves, first consult the ABU collective agreement for temporary workers. You will find a clear explanation about the accumulation of reserves in the ‘Temporary workers’ section. You can always call us on: 020-5353460.

Declaring hours
We work with E-uur for declaring hours worked. See below for more information about the system:

You must use the declaration system E-uur to declare your hours if you have worked at one of our universities of applied sciences, or for business and municipal clients. To log in, use the account information which was emailed to you by E-uur. To log in, click here.

Other information:
Pay slips: all pay slips are visible in E-uur.

Holiday reserves
to request leave hours, holiday pay or reserves for short-term absenteeism or public holidays, you can send an email to or use the ‘ask a question’ feature in E-uur. In both cases, you should always indicate the dates on which you would like to use holiday leave as well as the total number of hours (4 or 8 hours). We will then ensure that they are issued in the appropriate week.

If you need help declaring your hours, you can consult the E-uur handbook or call: 020 535 3460