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Student Assistant Diversity Committee

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For the Faculty of Economics and Business of the UvA, StudiJob is looking for a:

Student Assistant Diversity Committee (2-5h per week)

The Diversity Committee of UvA’s Economics and Business is a platform and sounding board where each member contributes to creating a more diverse and inclusive faculty for students and employees. The committee is chaired by the faculty's diversity officer and made up of both students and staff. To the committee we are looking for student members who will scope and manage a diversity-related project against compensation. The project's focus and details will be considerably shaped by your own ideas and interests. 

The highlights of the job description are:

  • Scope and carry out a diversity project focused on informing and/or implementing diversity policy at EB. The scoping is guided by a one-page project proposal that needs to be approved before the formal start of your project. You will receive feedback and sparring on this.
  • Participate in the EB diversity committee's bi-monthly meetings and give input to its (student-related) discussion topics.
  • Correspondence with other student members of the committee, the faculty diversity officer and – when relevant - other stakeholders within EB.
  • Compile short end-report that you will present to the Diversity Committee.

We are looking for:

·       UvA Economics and Business students

·       Basic familiarity with and interest in the topic of diversity, equity and inclusion

·       Highly motivated to learn and to try to contribute with your own view and ideas

·       Good with time management, able to work independently and proactively

·       Sufficient basic communication in English (upon agreement and depending on circumstances, you may be able to conduct the majority of the work in Dutch if you prefer this).


This regards a project-based function with very high flexibility. You will learn about diversity, equity and inclusion and build skills relevant for taking up future work as a consultant, manager, or project leader. Specifically, you will get the chance to carry out a project within a big organization, execute data-driven activities and learn how to effectively report to your team. You are expected to plan and carry out your own activities, including asking for feedback and support when needed. It may be possible to continue to stay engaged with the EB diversity committee for a longer time duration and to take on an additional project – this can be discussed towards the end of your first appointment upon request.

Application procedure:

Our priority is to give every student an equal opportunity to be considered for this role, and we understand that everyone is different. For this position we do NOT ask for your CV or a professional motivation letter. While you will have to document completion of a minimum of 60 study credits, we do not consider your grades or (language) test scores as such. Your intrinsic motivation and your ability to convey a basic idea of what you wish to do, are what we are looking for!

Thus, we ask you to write us a short application letter with:

  • A basic introduction of yourself (name, study program, email, any additional details you deem relevant for the role)
  • 3-5 sentences on how you see yourself contributing to the EB diversity committee (e.g. what kind of perspective can you bring to our meetings, what kinds of issues you are particularly interested in discussing, what does diversity mean to you).
  • Any initial ideas for a project – for example a general issue you would like to address, specific activities you would like to conduct and why. There is no specific length requirement on this point – please make use of any format that you see best fit to convey your ideas.
  • Exemplary project ideas could include: Investigating barriers to student involvement and engagement, co-creating a 'best practice' guide for inclusive student events, organizing a focus group to understand the needs of specific student groups (such as first-generation students), hosting a meeting or workshop on including different perspectives in education, trying out an outreach activity targeting first- or secondary school children (e.g. class visit, online event), reporting on best practices within an area related to diversity management (e.g. informed by a few expert interviews and/or desk research), conducting a survey among students on a diversity-related topic.
  • You are highly encouraged both to get inspired from these ideas and to significantly deviate from them – we are interested in your perspective! If you do not yet have a concrete idea but rather a general interest in the position, please focus instead on explaining your motivation to take on the role and to do work relevant for diversity.
  • 3-5 sentences on the anticipated support, access, or clarifications needed for your to get started with the project.

If you are an international student, you may need a working permit. If your application results in an offer contingent on a working permit, you will receive the support necessary to request one. 

If you are interested in this position and want to apply without a CV, you can e-mail your application to!


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